Sunday, September 15, 2019

Not working for you? Here is the Checklist !!!

Dear User, 

Kindly go through the following instructions if "YaaRobot" is not working for you.

Option 1)
Make sure you have notifications enabled for WhatsApp.

Option 2
Make sure your WhatsApp chat is not open. (As YaaRobot works through notifications)

Option 3
Make sure you have granted the notification access to YaaRobot.

Option 4
Make sure you have scheduled the message appropriately. For more information on this, watch the video here:

If all above is correctly applied, then do the following.

Step 1) Restart your phone. 

Step 2) Go to your phone's Settings.

Step 3) Search for "Notification Access".

Step 4) Revoke "Notification Access" for YaaRobot.

Step 5) Open the YaaRobot App again, it will ask you to grant the "Notification Access", Grant again.

This should resolve your issue.

If your issue still persists,

Write us at